Compact Discs

When the Smoke Clears (2002).  CRI 893/NWCR893.  Also available at DRAM.

Five chamber works composed between 1995 and 1998.  Performances by Barbara White, clarinet; Michael Lowenstern, clarinet; Anna Lim, violin; Nancy Zeltsman, marimba; Mary Nessinger, mezzo soprano with the New York New Music Ensemble; and the Talujon Percussion Quartet.

Apocryphal Stories (2004). Albany/Troy 626.

Four chamber works composed between 1999 and 2002: “During these years, I became increasingly preoccupied by the relationship between pre-existing music and my own compositional designs. Most of my works are haunted, if subtly, by my collected musical experiences, and in this series of four works, I chose to engage deliberately and explicitly with my musical memories, creating new artifacts out of excavation, appropriation, and commentary. The apocryphal story is an apt metaphor for this working process, not because the authorship or veracity of the final product is in doubt, but rather, because the constant recycling of spurious legends recalls the transmission of musical ‘fictions’ from one generation to the next, and the ways in which, over time, familiar tropes and forms take on new guises.”

Performed by Geoffrey Burleson, piano; Joanna Kurkowicz and Joseph Lin, violins; Larry Passin, clarinet; Nancy Zeltsman, marimba; and the New Millennium Ensemble.  Liner notes by Barbara White and Geoffrey Burleson.

My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon (2011).  Albany/Troy 1303.

Four chamber works composed between 2003 and 2008.  Performers include Sabrina Learman, soprano; Tara Helen O’Connor and Deborah Boldin, flutes; Alan Kay, clarinet; Laura Frautschi and Jennifer Frautschi, violins; Daniel Panner, viola; Sophie Shao, cello; and John Blacklow, piano. Liner notes by Eric Moe.

Weakness | Macha (2013).  Albany/Troy 1441.

An operatic  retelling of the story of “The Curse of Macha,” paired with by Tom Cowan’s spoken-word version of the story.  More information.

Individual Works

Repeat After Me (formerly Repetition Compulsion), on a new CD by Sqwonk:

The Sqwonk bass clarinet duo’s third album, Sqwonk + (2014): recent compositions and arrangements by living American composers in collaboration with six other ensembles.  With Rootstock percussion.

Forthcoming: Individual Works

Before I was released I was in many things, on a new CD, American Works for Violin and Piano, by Jennifer Frautschi, violin; and John Blacklow, piano:

from the NewMusicUSA Blog:

“As frequent performers of contemporary music, Frautschi and Blacklow have given serious attention to composers of their generation. They are particularly enthusiastic about individualistic and fearless composers whose visions are largely untethered to identifiable styles of the past. A common thread among these works is the composers’ incorporation of their visceral inspiration of life experiences directly into their music.”

 Forthcoming on Albany Records.