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Undergraduate Courses (1998-2013, selected)

Freshman Seminar. Sound, Image, Movement, Meaning: Experiments in Multimedia (Spring 2000, Fall 2001, Spring 2003).

Freshman Seminar. Silence, Noise, Sound, and Music: Art And/As Everyday Experience (Fall 2011, Fall 2013).  For text/video feature click here.

Music 105. Music Theory Through Performance and Composition (Fall 2003, Fall 2004, Fall 2005, Fall 2012).

Music 106. Music Theory Through Performance and Composition (Spring 2004, Spring 2005, Spring 2006, Spring 2009, Spring 2013).

Music 252. Visionaries, Outsiders, Charlatans and Cranks (Spring 2002).

Mus280. Drama Queens: Voicing Women (And Others) On Stage.  In collaboration with Wendy Heller (Fall 2013).

Music 310. Advanced Workshop in Music Composition (Fall 2010).

Music 496. Princeton Atelier: Movement for Musicians.  In collaboration with Kate Weare (Fall 2011).

Undergraduate Courses (1998-2013, selected)

Music 500.  Prose Writing for Composers (Fall 2012).

Music 518.  Music Writing by Non-specialists.  In collaboration with Scott Burnham (Spring 2014).

Mus 533. Seminar in Analysis: “Hermeneutics, Musical Analysis, and Composition: Can They Mix?” (Spring 2008).

Music 534. Ends and Means: Issues in Composition.

  • “Autobiography and Masquerade” (Spring 2002).
  • “Composing for Shakuhachi” (Spring 2012).

Music 537. Points of Focus in Twentieth-Century Music. “Borders and Boundaries” (Fall 2004).

Music 545. Contexts of Composition.  Topic: “Issues in Performance.” In collaboration with Rinde Eckert. (Spring 2009).

Music 550. Current Topics in Theory and Analysis.

  • Music Composition in—The Academy? (Spring 2014)