Video Works

Release (2010)
1-min. excerpt
Conception, performance, moving images, and sound by Barbara White;
spoken-text contributions by volunteers.

Release (Excerpt) from Barbara White on Vimeo.

Remedy (2010)
2-min. excerpt
Music, video, and performance by Barbara White


Sweat Tears [silent] (2013–)
1+-min. excerpt from work in progress
Video by Barbara White


Impermanence (Take One) [silent] (2010)
1-min. time lapsed version
Featuring two caramel sea-salt brownies from The Bent Spoon
Video by Barbara White
Complete duration 10 min.


Gather / Shed / Lift (2008)
Film trilogy by Alison Crocetta; music by Barbara White, performed by janus.
Click here for excerpts on Alison Crocetta’s site.

Black Air (2006)
Choreography for Camera.
Direction, scenario, text compilation, sound by Barbara White.
Choreography by Terry Araujo.

Black Air: Prologue

Black Air: “Ev’ry Lingering Page” (excerpt)


Black Air: “Discrepancies” (excerpt)